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The Rise of New Champions at APL Seoul , Feb .2024

As the curtain fell on the first tournament of 2024,

a plethora of new players participated,

and the championship trophy found a new owner.

The victory, achieved amid the influx of both professional poker players and

regular participants, holds even greater significance.

In this tournament with an increased Main Event buy-in,

the entry count surpassed the previous standard of 1350,

reaching an impressive 2037 participants.

This set a new record for the highest prize pool

in the history of the Main Event.

In this tournament held in Seoul, there was an increased presence of

players from China and Japan compared to the previous edition.

Yuta, the winner of the Main Event in the last tournament,

also joined the competition.

Although he couldn't make a deep run in the Main Event this time

and was eliminated, he showcased his skills once again by

securing a considerable bounty amount in the Mystery Bounty Event

and reaching the final table.

#1 Mini Main Event (Woo Ram Jo)

#2 Main Event Final Table

#11 Queens Event Final Table

#13 Mega Stack Final Table

#17 Late Night Madness 6 Final Table

#8 Pot Limit Omaha Final Table

#16 Mystery Bounty Final Table

#14 Super High Roller Final Table


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