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HYEONGJAE HAM clinches the Super High Roller

85 of the creme de la creme of poker in Korea came out for the Super High Roller event with players Soo Jo Kim and Jae Ho Lee reaching the final table. However, their hunt was not as successful as Hyeong Jae Ham who struck a deal at heads up then went on to claim the win. This was Ham’s career second title of the year and largest score of KR₩ 49,000,000 (~US$ 36,500).

For runner up Min Kyun Kim it was another strong finish at the APL. Last year, Min Kyu placed 2nd at the APL High Roller in Dongnam, Korea for a score of KR₩ 73.7M.

Buy in: KR₩ 3,000,000 (~US$ 2,300)

Prize pool: KR₩ 210,000,000 (~US$ 160,900)

Entries: 85

ITM: 11 places

Payouts in KR₩

1 Hyeong Jae Ham Korea 49,000,000

2 Min Kyun Kim Korea 49,000,000

3 Dong Hyun Kim Korea 28,000,000

4 Seung Hyeon Son Korea 21,000,000

5 Keun Woo Lee Korea 16,000,000

6 Jae Ho Lee Korea 12,500,000

7 Soo Jo Kim Korea 10,000,000

8 Huang Hua Korea 8,000,000

9 In Seok Yang Korea 6,500,000

10 Kim Ji Soo Korea 5,000,000

11 Sun Ho Yoo Korea 5,000,000


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