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YOU HYUN KIM wins the Mystery Bounty, Kyung Moon draws largest bounty

Undoubtedly the most popular bounty event worldwide is the Mystery Bounty and at the APL City Series 2023, it was no different with the 450 seats grabbed quick. The event guaranteed KR₩ 180,000,000 (~US$ 137,920) with 50 players reaching the money and the bounty round.

Drawing the largest bounty of US$ 20,000 was Kyung Moon, who eventually finished in 18th place for KR₩ 860,000 (~US$ 660), which was a far cry from his bounty reward. Claiming the win and the trophy was You Hyun Kim after defeating Jun Gi Lee at heads up.

Buy in: KR₩ 500,000 (~US$ 383)

Prize pool: KR₩ 180,000,000 (~US$ 137,92)

Entries: 450

ITM: 50 places

Final 9 payouts in KR₩ (does not include bounties)

1 You Hyun Kim Korea 19,500,000

2 Jun Gi Lee Korea 13,500,000

3 Dong Jae Lee Korea 10,000,000

4 Chang Sub Chung Korea 7,000,000

5 Jae Hoon Jung Korea 5,000,000

6 Ko JEong Hwan Korea 3,600,000

7 Ji Mung Kim Korea 2,750,000

8 Ju Young Shin Korea 2,100,000

9 Sang Yoon Kim Korea 1,650,000


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