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Feb.1.2024 APL ROAD TO SEOUL JaeHo Kim won the #2 Tip-Off Event and #1 Main Event Day-1(B),(C)turbo result,Mini High Roller result.

#2 Tip Off result

Total Entry: 125

Buy In: 3Tickets

GTD: 30,000,000

(#2 Tip Off Final Table)

(JaeHo Kim) Player

#1 Main Event Day-1(B),(C) Turbo result

The APL Road to Seoul took place in a hotel located in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul. Many familiar faces among the players participated in large numbers.

Main Event Day 1 B and C have concluded, with a total of 518 participants, including Day 1 A. Currently, 101 players have advanced to Day 2.

2ACE Ambersodor (LAD Park)

APL Ambersodor (SeoYoung Kong)

Former Road To Daegu #1 Main Event Champion(GabYong "Gab D"Kim)

Former APL city series #1 Main Event Champion (HyunSub"Deeper" Kim)

#3 Mini High Roller Day-1

Trophy King (SooJo Kim)

TaeHoon Han


SeokJun Lee

AKA: Korean Money Maker (TaeGeun Lee)

Streamer EunYoung"Seren" Choi

#3 Mini High Roller Final Table

In the Mini High Roller, Kim Sujo, who holds the most trophies and is often referred

to as a trophy collector, faced off against Park Hwigon in an ICM deal during the heads-up.

In the end, Kim Sujo emerged victorious, securing the championship

and adding another ring to his collection.

*ICM Chop Deal

#3 Mini High Roller Champion (SooJo Kim)

Total Entry : 70+ (121)

Buy In : 10Tickets

GTD : 60,000,000+

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