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APL SEOUL MAIN EVENT DAY-1 Total 2737 Entries.

APL SEOUL MAIN EVENT DAY-1 I - 473 Entries MAIN EVENT DAY-1 J - 464 Entries MAIN EVENT DAY-1 K - 536 Entries MAIN EVENT DAY-1 L - 881 Entries All Day-1 schedules were completed until the main event Day-1 (L), which took place at the Swiss Grand Hotel, the venue for the finals. The main event concluded with a total of 2737 entries, and the main event held as the first Nomax entry received double the amount. The closest number of entries was recorded. All tables except for the Deepstack and Bounty Hunter, which were scheduled as side events today, were accepted. However, a situation arose where participants in the main event had to wait for a long time. The Super High Roller Satellite, originally scheduled for 7 PM this evening, had no choice but to be canceled due to circumstances at the venue. The situation has become challenging. We anticipate that there will be a change in the schedule for the side event tomorrow when Day-2 begins.


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