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APL Road to Seoul tournament has ended #1 Main Event #4 Deep Stack#5 High Roller result.

Main Event Day 3 started with three tables 27players.

Amidst Kim Gab-yong's pursuit of back-to-back victories,

noticeable were the presence of young players in their 20s.

The final table began with an average of over 40BB,

but it quickly concluded with player Cho WooRam finishing in 9th place

without significant chip changes thereafter.

However, in the middle stages, player Park Jun-ho amassed 40% of the total chips,

putting pressure on the remaining players whose stacks remained around 20BB,

leading to a situation where money jumps became a concern.

Meanwhile, with 8 players, there was a one-hour dinner break. Kim Gab-yong

maintained an average chip stack during this time. During the dinner break, he

participated in the High Roller event as a late registrant and played for about an hour

before returning to the Main Event final table to continue playing.

In the High Roller event, he played cautiously, preserving chips through tight play. Fortunately, he managed to build almost double his starting stack, ensuring he had

plenty of chips to spare when returning to the Main Event.

With 5 players remaining in the Main Event final, two players folded.

Kim Gab-yong went all-in from the button with approximately 15BBs, holding A9o.

Park Ki-Bum, the big blind, called with 88. In the end, Kim Gab-yong, unable to

make a pair, finished in 5th place.

With 3 players remaining, Park Ki-Bum (6,800k), Kim Se-ho (2,570k),

and Park Jun-ho (9,530k), Park Ki-Bum, having the smallest stack

among the 7 players, went all-in and succeeded in doubling up.

With a fiery run, he conquered all the all-in spots and a sense of victory filled him.

Player Kim Se-ho went all-in with a stack just over 13BBs holding K10o, and

Player Park Ki-Bum called with A6hh.With the board showing AQ8r,

the turn card was K, and the river was 9, leading to Kim Se-ho

finishing in 3rd place in the Main Event.

Park Ki-Bum and Park Jun-ho met in the heads-up phase, agreeing to an ICM deal.

Park Jun-ho had 9,525k (49,720,000), while Park Ki-Bum had 9,375k (49,570,000).

They proceeded with the heads-up match, playing for 6,600,000 KRW and the championship ring.

In the heads-up phase where Park Ki-Bum showed dominance,

with Park Ki-Bum having 11,900k and Park Jun-ho 7,000k,

with blinds at 10k/20k/20k, Park Jun-ho opened for 400k,

Park Ki-Bum raised to 1200k,Park Jun-ho re-raised to 3500k.

After some thought, Park Ki-Bum went all-in, and Park Jun-ho called.

Park Ki-Bum had AQo while Park Jun-ho had pocket 55.

In the showdown, with a coin flip, the flop was QK7r, the turn was an A,

and the river was a J. Park Ki-Bum became the champion

of the Main Event, securing the championship ring.

Park Ki-Bum player

#4 Deep Stack

The DeepStack Final Table progressed very wildly, and the

winner emerged much faster than expected.

Choi Ho-Joon player

Player Choi Ho-joon survived hand-for-hand with just 1 BB, quickly

building up a massive stack and eventually facing off

against Player Kim Ho-jin heads-up.

Kim Ho-Jin player

However, Choi Ho-joon lost about 70% of his chips in a big bluffing spot

against Kim Ho-jin's trap with pocket Aces, giving Kim Ho-jin the upper hand

and ultimately securing him the DeepStack victory.

#5 High Roller

In the final event, the High Roller, player Steve Yea, who joined late, emerged victorious, marking the end of the APL Road to Seoul tournament with five champion Rings.

Steve Yea


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