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APL ROAD TO DAEGU - End of the Road with 5 Rings

#1 Main Event

"In the APL Road to Daegu main event, player Kim Gap-yong secured the main event victory Ring , marking his first individual APL championship. Kim Gap-yong entered the final table ranked third in chips and faced off in a heads-up match against Han Jong-soo, who had started as the overwhelming chip leader.

Before the heads-up match began, Han Jong-soo proposed an ICM deal to Kim Gap-yong, which Kim Gap-yong accepted. They agreed to distribute the prize money as follows: Kim Gap-yong received 36,190,000 Korean won (with 7,785,000 in chips), and Han Jong-soo received 32,910,000 Korean won (with 4,785,000 in chips). They commenced the heads-up match with an additional 4,600,000 Korean won and the victory bracelet at stake for the winner."

"The final hand took place with blinds at 50,000/100,000/100,000. Kim Gap-yong, on the button, called, and Han Jong-soo, the big blind, raised to 325,000. Kim Gap-yong called. The flop came Kh Jc 8h. Han Jong-soo made a continuation bet of 250,000, Kim Gap-yong raised to 640,000, Han Jong-soo reraised to 1,350,000, and after a brief pause, Kim Gap-yong called.

The turn card was 3d. Han Jong-soo went all-in with 2,650,000 chips, and Kim Gap-yong smoothly called. Han Jong-soo showed Q7o, while Kim Gap-yong held K4o. With Han Jong-soo drawing dead on the turn, Kim Gap-yong was confirmed as the main event winner."

#2 Tip Off

#3 Mini High Roller

#4 Deep Stack

#5 High Roller


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