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Ace Poker League, Returns with Renewed Homepage

The APL website has returned

with a renewal of the compensation

for the difficulties of access.

Let’s find out about the new website

and what players should know

for the upcoming tournaments.


Instructions and descriptions are notified

for those who are willing to

participate the APL tournament.

Rules and regulations used

in APL Tournaments,

and instructions for procedures t

hat must be done before

registration are explained in detail.



(schedules, venues, structures etc.)

of previous APL Tournaments and the

upcoming events are informed.

APL announced that their next

schedule will be

a 2,500,000,000 KRW GTD

tournament held on October

at Seoul, Korea.


Various news, tournament progresses,

and foreign media reports about APL

tournaments abroad are updated.


Results of the APL Tournaments are

recorded by each series.

If you want to know the results

of the previous events,

it is possible to check it here.


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