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[2024.02 APL SEOUL] "Updates from Day 3 on the Scene."

On the third day of APL Seoul, the main event Day 1's last chance and

the High Roller Day 3 Final Table took place.

Additionally, charity events and Queens events have commenced.

The main event recorded 821 entries, and with 687 entries

added to the guarantee, the prize pool set a record as the largest

in the history of the Korean main event.

(High Roller Final Table)

Heads up (left Kim Hyun-geun, right Damir Zhugralin )

In the High Roller Final Table

after an intense battle lasting about 8 hours

the champion emerged. Kim Hyun-geun secured the first place

and Damir Zhugralin from Kazakhstan finished in second place.

Kim Hyun-geun

In the Mini Main Event, player Cho Wooram maintained

the chip lead on Day 2, defeating player Yoon Seungjae

and ultimately clinching victory.


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