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[2024.02 APL SEOUL] Day 5 The players heading towards the trophy.

#2 Main Event Day-3

The main event is currently progressing with 19 players remaining,

and it is scheduled to continue until reaching the final table.

Once the final table is confirmed, a rollback will be applied,

starting with an average stack of 40 big blinds.

#13 Mega Stack Day-2

In Mega Stack Day 2, during a hand-for-hand situation,

the short stack with JJ (Pocket Jacks) faced A10.

The flop brought a middle set of Jacks, seemingly reviving the hand.

However, when the turn and river created a straight with A10,

the hand-for-hand quickly concluded, and 60 players

successfully reached the In The Money (ITM) stage.

#14 Super High Roller Day-2

In the first tournament with a buy-in of 50 tickets for

the APL Super High Roller, the event, initially based on 80 entries,

closed with 188 entries.

With the prize pool doubling, player expectations are on the rise.

#16 Mystery Bounty Flight-A

The event has begun.

The Mystery Bounty Flight A is currently underway with 467 entries.


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