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[2024.02 APL SEOUL]#2 Main Event Final Table

The Main Event final table with 9 players has been decided.

As the eagerly anticipated 4th day of the Main Event final

approaches tomorrow, Kim Dong-yeon from Korea

has emerged as the overall chip leader.

Despite a chip difference of approximately twice that

of the second chip leader, the play concluded at the end of Level 30,

but due to a rollback, the final table will resume

from the beginning of Level 30. The average stack is

around 42 big blinds.

players like LIN WENG WO from China,


and RYAN TIMOTLIY TAY from Singapore

have made it to the final table.

Following the previous winner YUTA from Japan,

it adds excitement to see whether another

international player will become the protagonist

of the trophy once again.


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