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2023 October APL SEOUL The 7-day competition concluded with great popularity.

APL has been gaining popularity among players, showing a steady upward trend based on trust during competitions held in Korea. This October's competition was held for 7 days, and in addition to the main event, Super High Roller and High Roller were held without entry restrictions.

The main event continued until DAY-4, and DAY-1 ended with nearly twice as many entries (2737 entries), far exceeding the guarantee standard. The main event DAY-1, which was held for 4 days at the main event venue, did not have enough tables.

The number of entries was so large that all tables at the venue were full of players.

With the popularity of the live stream introduced for the first time in the last competition, live broadcasting is as good as that of famous overseas competition companies.

It gives players the charm of a live tournament and the charm of a feature table that can be experienced in Korea at the same time.

It is believed that satisfaction increases participation.

On the last day of the main event DAY-4 final table, the number of viewers exceeded 10,000.

This is a good statistic that shows how much Korea's tournament market has grown.

Unfortunately, the superstar “Yuri” from the last competition was unable to attend this time due to the schedule of the Japanese JOPT competition.

At this tournament's feature table, Korea's Song Boo-geun emerged as a great villain and became famous.

And, following the final table of the TJPK main event, Kim Gap-yong advanced to the final table of the APL main event, once again showing off his incredible talent.

DAY-3 Takazawa Yuta (Japan), who had been accumulating chips with tremendous momentum at the feature table from the middle of DAY-3, left eight Koreans behind and lifted the championship trophy with his continued momentum and skills at the final table.

Lee Dong-wook, who maintained the chip leader with a steady sense of stability, had a chip ratio of about 3:1 with Takazawa when heads-up.

He seemed to be leading with the upper hand, but when the two players' chips were almost tied, Takazawa's AK vs. Lee Dong-wook's 77 player's pre-flop all-in battle, an A was placed on the flop, and he lost the fateful coin flip, unfortunately finishing in second place.

As a result, Takazawa Yuta became the winner of the highest prize money in the main event held in Korea.

And in Super High Roller, which was held as a side event, it is said to be the top online game in Korea.

Young-Hoon “Semion” Kim won and showed great skills in the live tournament.

We will have to pay attention to what he will do in future live tournaments.

Then, in Mystery Bounty DAY-2 held along with the main event final, Alen from Canada

He lifted the championship trophy along with Top Bounty (30 million won).

Based on the 45 people who advanced to Mystery Bounty DAY-2, until only 4 players remain at the final table out of 45 bounties.

While the top bounty, the 30 million won bounty, was not selected, only the smallest bounty of 400,000 won remained among the four remaining bounties.

He became the winner of the Mystery Bounty's Top Bounty and was exceptionally lucky.

In addition, we would like to send congratulatory messages to the side event winners and hope to see them again in the next competition.


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