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#16 Mystery Bounty - at APL !

Mystery Bounty is currently one of the most loved events by poker players around the world. As the poker market trends become more dynamic and rapidly changing, we are responding to the needs of players.

Ace Poker League also followed this trend and introduced a mystery bounty event in 2022. Now, let’s find out how the Mystery Bounty at APL works.

Unlike the basic bounty events (one bounty chip given to the player at the start of the game) For the Mystery Bounty, one bounty chip is given to players who advance to Day-2. Additionally, based on 420 entries (October 2023 competition), 45 players will advance to Day-2. The game will proceed with the money-in other than the bounty confirmed.

Before starting Day-2, numbered lottery balls will be put in the lottery ball machine then mixed. Envelopes with the bounty amount written on the Mystery Bounty board are given to Day-2 participants only. Random envelopes with prize amount will be given to players who advance.

These two procedures ensure that the competition is more transparent and fair.

First, hand the bounty chip to the person in charge at the site and the lottery ball containing it will be given to you. Turn the steering wheel to check the number of the lottery ball.

If you check the number shown in the photo above, you will find the number written

on the mystery bounty board.

The player opens an envelope with the mystery bounty amount written on it.

2023. As of October

# Mystery Bounty Draw Amount and Number#

30,000,000 x 1

20,000,000 x 1

10,000,000 x 1

5,000,000 x 2

2,000,000 x 5

1,000,000 x 10

400,000 x 25


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