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1.31.2024 ROAD TO SEOUL #1 Main Event Day-1(A) 35/186

The first day of the Road to Seoul has begun with the Main Event day-1(A) and the Tip-off event starting.

The Road to Seoul, featuring a total of 5 events co-hosted by Leaders and APL

on the 14th floor of the Seoul Eliena Hotel, has been prepared.

On the first day, there were more participants than expected in the Main Event,

resulting in a significant number of unexpected waitlisted participants.

For smoother proceedings tomorrow,

it has been announced that there will be a schedule change for

Main Event Day-1(C)Turbo, moving from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Players participating in the Main Event who join in the later levels may need to wait, so please take note of that.

#1 Main Event Day-1(A) result


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