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Ⅰ. Eligibility and Rules

 Event participants must be 19 years of age or older.

  1.  Only the Participant may register for the Event, and no third party may register on his/her   behalf.

  2.  Participants must present a valid ID (passport, national ID card, driver's license, etc.) when   registering to participate.

  3.  Participants must check their receipt before leaving the window when registering to   participate. Registration modifications and cancellations can be made up until the start time   of the Event.

  4.  By entering the Event, participants agree to pay taxes on their prizes and the Event's fees.   (Bounty prizes also include taxes)

  5.  Winners must provide a valid ID (passport, national ID, driver's license, etc.) to the Organizer to   claim their prize.  

  6.  Person undergoing government or private gambling rehabilitation programs are not eligible   to participate in the event.

  7.  No refunds of entry fees will be given after the start of the event.

  8.  Prizes and registration certificates are non-transferable.

  9.  Prior to entering and playing in the Tournament, each participant must complete a 'Waiver of   Circumstances Form', failure to do so may result in the immediate disqualification of the   participant at the sole discretion of the Organizer. In the event of a Participant's   disqualification, such Participant will forfeit any entry fees paid and will not be eligible to   receive any Tournament prize money or other prizes.


Ⅱ. Event Rules and Restrictions

  1. The official languages of APL are English and local languages.
  2. The Organizer may restrict the use of languages other than the official languages at any time.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to limit the number of entries for any event.
  4. Organizers may change the event time without prior notice.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or change the event.
  6. The Organizer is not responsible for mechanical (equipment or software malfunctions) and operational postponement defects that occur during of the Event.
  7. The Organizer is not responsible for personal injury and loss of property, including losses caused by players leaving chips behind.
  8. Tournament chips are not allowed to leave the playing field. Possession or exchange of chips is subject to strong penalties (including disqualification).
  9. Team play, substitutions, and receiving assistance are prohibited (except in the Team Events).
  10. Seat assignments for events are randomized.
  11. Seat assignments will be randomized based on the estimated number of participants in the event.
  12. If Player loses a Bounty chip, Player will be required to pay the value of the Bounty chip. For Mystery Bounties, Player will pay the average value of the Bounty.
  13. There are penalties for taunting others.
  14. Participants must be identified all times. Covering face with clothing and items than necessary is prohibited.
  15. The best interest of the game and fairness are top priorities in decision-making. Unusual circumstances arise, they will be substituted with reasonable decisions. The Main TD can overturn any Floor TD decision.
  16. Authorized Electronic Devices; Prohibited Filming and Streaming.
  17. 1)Participants may use approved electronic devices, MP3 players and other music playing devices or noise-cancelling headphones until the participant reaches the Final Table. However, only if the authorized electronic device is not used for collusion or cheating. Contestants are not permitted to use electronic devices at the final table of a tournament. Once a contestant reaches the final table, the contestant will be notified to remove all such electronic devices. Failure to do so may result in penalties, including disqualification.  
  18. 2)Participants without official media credentials may not use electronic or other devices to: Record or capture video or audio footage at any time during Tournament play; record, capture, and live stream video or audio footage of the Tournament; and attempt to use such recorded, captured, or streamed video and audio by Participants without official media credentials may result in disqualification at the Organizer's discretion.
  19. 3)Participants may not use betting apps, game charts or poker information tools while participating in a hand.


Ⅲ. Broadcasting Rules and Restrictions

  1. Players participating in APL events agree that their hole cards will be recorded and recorded by using the event as a registration.
  2. Possession/use of cell phones is restricted at broadcast and replay tables. At regular tables, cell phone use is not allowed during live hands.
  3. For all televised tournaments, participants may wear multiple logos, patches, or promotional apparel. The Organizers reserve the right to ban any attire they deem unsuitable at any time. At the Organizer's discretion, any apparel may be prohibited.
  4. Players agree to the following rules regarding the wearing of branded clothing and the use of branded items during the Competition. Players may wear company logos/brands on their shirts provided they comply with the following restrictions
  1. chest pocket logo no larger than 70cm²
  2. upper shirt sleeve logos no larger than 25cm² (one on each sleeve)
  3. No other brands may be displayed on any part of your clothing or body.
  4. Logoed baseball caps and card protectors are allowed, but the logo must not be visible from the TV table.
  5. Players may only accept sponsorship from companies prior to the start of the tournament.
       In any event on 'APL', no more than 10% of the total entry may wear the brand/logo of any      single company, except the main sponsor of the event. If the number of players wearing the brand/logo of a particular company exceeds 10% of the total entry, the player or the company representative must decide which player will wear the branded outfit. If no decision is made, APL will decide the player as a high card.
No more than two players at the Final Table may wear a company's logo. If more than two players from the same company make the Final Table, the player or company representative must decide which two players will wear the branded outfit. If a decision cannot be made, the APL will award the player a high card to make the decision. Any player who starts the final table without a logo must remain logo-free throughout the final table.
APL and the Tournament Director have absolute discretion to approve the clothing and attire worn by players during the Event. They also have the right to remove any logos, images or words from a player's clothing and attire that, in the opinion of APL or the Tournament Director, are contrary to the requirements of the Commissioning Broadcaster, APL or any regulatory body.


Ⅳ. Deal Making Rules  

Final Table Deal Making
 1. The Organizer does not participate in the deal-making process and is only responsible
    for reviewing agreements between players under the conditions set forth below.
    If requested by a participant, the Organizer will use the Independent Chip Model (ICM) system
    to assist in the calculations so that deals can be made based on the percentage of chips
    held by each player.
 2. Deal Making must be conducted only with ICM Chop.
 3. APL allows for only one Deal Making, and no other Deal Making will be allowed
     afterward if additional agreements are reached.
 4. After a Deal Making, a minimum of 10% of the originally posted first place prize pool
     will be withheld and played in the Deal Making in order to be eligible for the trophy
     and any additional benefits awarded to the winner. This 10% holdback will be
     paid to the eventual winner.
 5. APL will only allow Deal Making when a player has reached the final table.
 6. All discussions regarding deals must take place in the presence of an APL TD.
 7. Before the tournament clock is paused, all players at the final table
    must indicate their willingness to participate in deal negotiations.
    If the tournament clock is paused for deal making, players are not allowed to
    leave the final table for deal making. Deal making must take place within 15 minutes
    after the clock is paused.
 8. If a player refuses to negotiate, another deal cannot be offered until the player is
    eliminated or the chips between the players change significantly.

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